Request for Proposals for Owner’s Representative Services

Museum of the Cherokee Indian

Project Title: Museum of the Cherokee Indian
New Historical Artifact Collection and Storage Facility & Museum Renovation
589 Tsali Blvd
PO Box 1599
Cherokee, NC 28719

Project Description
The Museum of the Cherokee Indian, a 501c3 Organization, herein referred to as (MCI) is planning to construct a new storage facility on tribal lands located near Galbreath Creek Road in Bryson City, NC for the purpose of collecting, storing, and managing historical artifacts related to the history of the Cherokee Indians.

MCI is also planning a renovation of the current Museum public facility, on the existing footprint, at 589 Tsali Blvd Cherokee, NC. This project has the potential to be a complete rebuild. The purpose of this building is for MCI’s permanent and changing exhibitions, public programming, and community engagement.

Scope of Services
The selected Owner’s Representative Firm will work with MCI to provide a full range of Owner’s
Representative services related to the oversight of the design, construction, and project closeout of a
specialized artifact collection and storage facility and the museum renovation.

Project Delivery
The specified projects will be administered by the Owner’s Rep in collaboration with MCI and a contracting method with the builder/architect to be determined. The selected Owner’s
Representative Firm will become an integral part of the overall project team working closely with the MCI Executive Team and Construction Committee.

Minimum Requirements
To be considered for further consideration, interested firms shall, as a minimum:

  1. Have recent, direct experience as Owner’s Representative on museum related projects or similar highly specialized facilities. Tribal Museum experience preferred.
  2. Possess all required licensure, certifications, and accreditations to perform the requested services.
  3. Have experience with LEED and Energy Star certified projects.
  4. Project experience working with or on behalf of federally recognized tribes on Tribal Trust Lands preferred.
  5. Submit Fee or Rate Schedule with other relevant costs to the

Point of Contact
Michael Slee, Director of Operations
Museum of the Cherokee Indian
PO Box 1599
Cherokee, NC 28719

Proposals Due

Submittals must be received by 5:00 PM on November 11th, 2022. Electronic submissions are preferable.
This is a request to submit proposals and/or qualifications, not an offer to contract. MCI reserves the
right to request additional information and to accept all, part, or none of an Owner’s Representative
Proposal. MCI is a component unit of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, a federally
recognized Indian tribe, and reserves all of the rights and immunities inherent in that status. MCI
assumes no responsibility for costs related to preparation of submittals.

Tribal Business and Employment Rights
Selection of contractors, subcontractors, and employees who will perform the work of this project,
including selection of the Owner’s Representative is subject to the preference requirements of the
Eastern Band of Cherokee as set forth in Chapters 92 and 95 of the Cherokee Code. Copies of the
current ordinances are available upon request.


A. Project Description
The Museum of the Cherokee Indian is planning to build a new artifact collection and storage facility on
tribal lands designated for the facility. The facility will be highly specialized and include state of the art
design, technology, functionality, security and system redundancy to ensure the highest level of artifact
preservation and protection.
Major Elements Include:

  1. Seed Collection Storage
  2. Paper Archives
  3. Physical Object Collections
  4. Lab Space
  5. Security
  6. Fire Suppression
  7. Climate Control
  8. Green Construction Elements
    Note: Elements may be added or deleted.

The Museum of the Cherokee Indian is planning a renovation, potential rebuild, of the current public museum facility. This facility will serve the public as an educational institution and shall include state of the art design, technology, functionality, and security to ensure the safety of visitors, staff, and exhibitions.

Major Elements Include:

  1. Permanent and Changing Exhibition Space
  2. Museum Store
  3. Café and Restaurant
  4. Indoor and Outdoor Programming Space
  5. Outdoor Gardens

Note: Elements may be added or deleted.

B. Selection Process
The selection process will involve two stages: (1) submittals will be screened and scored. Based on the
scores a short list of firms will be selected for further consideration. (2) The short-listed firms will
participate in an on-site interview. Based upon the results of the interviews a firm will be selected
and presented to the MCI Board of Advisors for approval.
Specific requirements for RFP submittals and scoring criteria are detailed in Section II. SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS.

C. Initial Screening of Submittals
The initial screening of submittals will be conducted by a panel consisting of MCI and the Project Management Sub-committee. Recommendation for in person interview will then be made to the MCI Board of Advisors.

D. Short List Interviews
Interviews for selected short list firms will begin being scheduled after the initial screening at the earliest convenience of MCI. Interviews will be conducted in person. The time of the interviews is to be determined. Key personnel from the firm should attend the interview. The interview panel will, in particular, be interested in knowing about the Owner’s Representative approach to project oversight, communications, reporting and schedule management. These items are representative only. Interviewees should be prepared for a wide range of questions.

E. Schedule

Following is a schedule of events for the RFP process and an outline of the schedule for the balance of the project.

  1. RFP Submittal Due November 11th, 2022.
  2. Submittal Screening Week of November 14th, 2022.
  3. On-site Interviews (as scheduled) Week of November 28th, 2022.
  4. Recommendation to MCI Board during scheduled December meeting.
  5. Contract Approval projected December 16th, 2022.

Firms will be judged not only on their past experience for the type of work
involved, but also on their ability to address issues critical to the success of
the project requirements outlined in this RFP document. Following are
elements that will be used to evaluate each firm’s proposal:

Identify the principal, the project leader, and any other key staff and sub-consultants.
Present a brief discussion regarding how the team’s qualifications and experience relate to the specific

Elements that will be considered by the panel when scoring your

  1. Qualifications and relevant individual experience.
  2. Unique knowledge of key team members relating to the project.
  3. Experience on projects as a team.
  4. Key staff involvement in project management and onsite presence.
  5. Qualifications and relevant sub-consultant experience.

Elements that will be considered by the panel when scoring your

  1. Are the lines of authority and coordination clearly identified?
  2. Are essential management functions entitled?
  3. Is the team capable of working on project with unique cultural elements and requirements.
  4. Utilization of project management technologies.
  5. Current and projected workload.

Use this portion of your submittal to describe relevant experiences with the
project type in this RFP document and various services to be provided.
Elements that will be considered by the panel when scoring your submittal:

  1. Experience of the key staff and firm with projects of similar scope
    and complexity.
  2. Demonstrated success on past projects of similar scope and
  3. Experience delivering projects using the desired method of MCI.
  4. Experience working with Native American tribes.
  5. References.
    Note: Include the name, email address and current telephone number/fax
    number of the owner’s project manager for every project listed.
Job Category: Contract
Job Type: Contract
Job Location: Cherokee NC

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