The Museum of The Cherokee Indian, located in Cherokee, North
Carolina, is a non-profit community effort that began in 1948 with the
donation of a compelling collection of Cherokee heritage photographs
and artifacts. The museum is part of a community effort by the Eastern
Band of Cherokee Indians, one of the largest Native tribes of the region.

The museum attracts 85,000 visitors every year, from many regions and
with diverse backgrounds. “Many of our guests speak English,” says Dawn
Arneach, Interim Director of the museum, “but we have a lot of visitors
who speak Spanish, and German is very popular, too.” Staff who speak
Spanish would take visitors through the museum, and tags at each exhibit
included information in multiple languages, but this proved to be a slow
process as interest in the museum grew.

Visitors love the seamless experience of touring the museum.
The handheld devices are easy to use and the infra-red triggering
makes it a joy to wander through the exhibits at will. The addition
of German, French and Spanish means more guests of diverse backgrounds
are being welcomed, and staff can focus on answering any additional
questions while the audio guide takes them through the rich history
and stories of the Cherokee people. “The translation is superb,” says
Arneach. “People are amazed at how culturally accurate the telling
of the stories is.” The system has capacity for 32 languages or topics,
and the museum has just added a French translation. A version in
Cherokee is also in development, an addition that will welcome more
local residents to experience the history in their own Native language.


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