The Museum of the Cherokee Indian, in Cherokee N.C., is continuing our series of Cherokee Heritage Days, the second Saturday of every month, and we hope you can join us this coming Saturday.

This is the moon of birds, and we are featuring a stickball game, because the birds and animals played the original game.  See the Kolanvyi (Raven) team from Big Cove play stickball at 1 pm, announced by Jerry Wolfe, Beloved Man, next door at the Fairgrounds.  Here at the Museum, you can learn about how feather capes are made, hear about birds in Cherokee myths and legends, make stamped pottery, join in traditional dances, and hear some traditional stories. All presenters are members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.

A poster with the schedule is attached.  Activities are FREE, open to the public, and ongoing between 11 am—5 pm. Hope to see you there!