The North Carolina Arts Council recently awarded the Museum of the Cherokee Indian a grant for $55,034.  They have designated the Museum as a “State Arts Resource” since 2001.   This category supports “exemplary arts organizations that set standards of excellence for the state.”

This funding supports the Cherokee Voices Festival, which celebrates traditional Cherokee artists and performers the second Saturday in June every year.  Funding also makes possible cultural revitalization projects like the ancient Cherokee fabric project now underway, and the revitalization of stamped pottery that started in 2002.  Funds also support staff salaries.

The Museum uses these funds and other income to help support Cherokee artists: by selling their work in the Museum Store and online, by providing honoraria for their presentations in courses and workshops, and by sponsoring the Warriors of AniKituhwaNCAC_LogoColor, traditional dance group.  In 2014, the Museum paid Cherokee artists more than $200,000.

Thanks to Wayne Martin, Director of the Arts Council, and to Sally Peterson, Folklife Director.  We appreciate you!